Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MOH Licensure Exam

Okay. So here's the thing. Tomorrow, 12th of July, I'll be taking my Licensure exam for Nurses and guess what? I only have 10 days to study. So what I did was look for free NCLEX-like exams online and started answering those questions. The problem was, I need internet connection to do so. Well, I do have internet connection but I am exposed to Social Networking Sites, namely Twitter and Facebook! (I swear I'm going to stranggle those who made these social networking sites 'cause THEY MADE ME AN ADDICT!)

Anyway, that's what pretty much what happened EVERYDAY. I cannot concentrate. I was always tempted to take a look at my Twitter and reply to those silly tweets. Poor me. I guess I'll be taking my exam tomorrow with nothing but air in my head. (Aww. That kind of stings!) Besides, I took my local Board Exam for Nurses in my country so what I really need is just to refresh my memories and reorient myself with latest medical technologies.

So, I hope God bless me tomorrow with strength, knowledge and wisdom and may His spirit guide me throughout the exam.